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  • heatedeg publicou uma atualização 2 dias, 7 horas atrás

    Are you looking to switch up the look of your home? LED STRIP lights are a great way to make a major but inexpensive change to the look of your home.

    Adding this kind of lighting is very versatile. You can place it behind, underneath, or around objects in your home to add a unique and multi-layered look.

    If you’re considering buying a strip o…[Leia mais]

  • heatedeg publicou uma atualização 2 dias, 7 horas atrás

    Mechanical pumps have a lot of uses nowadays. They are common in pumping water from wells, aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration. When it comes to water pumps, the main use of this device is the exchange of fluids such as water.

    From agriculture to the energy industry, pumps are found in a wide range of applications. The main working…[Leia mais]

  • heatedeg publicou uma atualização 2 dias, 7 horas atrás

    This column is part of the Heard on the Street Stock Picking Contest. You’re invited to play along with us here.

    Even the most cursory reader of news has seen the headlines by now: Used cars are expensive, and weather across the U.S. has been extreme. While that sounds like trouble to most people, it is music to the ears of car-parts retailer A…[Leia mais]

  • heatedeg publicou uma atualização 2 dias, 7 horas atrás

    New industry standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are protecting employees against potential health hazards in the workplace. These regulations, which dictate allowable exposure limits of welding fumes and other particulates (including hexavalent chromium), have led many companies to invest in Fume Extraction…[Leia mais]

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Badoo conta histórias reais de Conexões Sinceras de seus usuários

O Badoo, maior aplicativo de relacionamentos do mundo, reuniu histórias reais de seus usuários em mais uma ação da campanha Conexões Sinceras. A ação destaca a ...Read More

RPA – Acelerando a Transformacao Digital para contornar a crise

O início de 2020 tem sido, certamente, muito mais difícil do que se esperava. As implicações da pandemia do COVID-19 no ambiente empresarial estão apenas começa...Read More

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