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  • wrisyply publicou uma atualização 4 horas, 57 minutos atrás

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a body in the United States that plays a critical role in enhancing workplace safety around the country. If you operate a manufacturing company, you must be OSHA compliant so that you can avoid being on the wrong side of the law and so that your employees will be protected from harm. One…[Leia mais]

  • wrisyply publicou uma atualização 4 horas, 58 minutos atrás


    Fishing is one of the oldest ways by which people have fed themselves and their families. Except for gathering shellfish by hand and spearing fish (Figure 1), primitive trapping is probably the oldest form of fishing.

    In early times, flowing water caused by tidal movement and changes in river and lake levels were probably…[Leia mais]

  • wrisyply publicou uma atualização 5 horas, 6 minutos atrás

    For years, I was like Goldilocks when it came to dining chairs. I went through three different sets before finally settling on vintage Paul McCobb Planner Group chairs. They’re decidedly mid-century in their provenance, but really, they’re a riff on a classic spindle chair that could have been designed by the Shakers. I chose them because the…[Leia mais]

  • wrisyply publicou uma atualização 5 horas, 7 minutos atrás

    Busbar bending systems are produced to facilitate bending busbars for switch boards and switch gears manufacturers these systems are present in 4 types:

    1-Manual busbar bending tools

    2-Hydraulic busbar bending tools

    3- Simple hydraulic busbar bending machines.

    4-Professional busbar bending machines.

    At Manual tools operator should bend…[Leia mais]

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Digitalização 360° dos varejos: um caminho sem volta

Por Edison Tamascia, Presidente da Farmarcas, Grande parte de minha vida me dediquei ao varejo – mais especificamente o farmacêutico – e posso afirm...Read More

Jornada da Inovação Jurídica tem mais 520 inscritos em todo o País

Foi aberta nesta segunda, dia 12 de junho, a 1ª Jornada de Inovação Jurídica, com mais de 520 inscritos. Realizada gratuitamente e de forma remota, os interessa...Read More

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